Thursday, 11 July 2013

Client Support: How to install a CSS formatted HTML Email Signature in Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

You will be supplied a ".mailsignature" file by McCoy Design. Save this file onto your desktop.

1. In Mac Mail, go to "Mail>Preferences>Signatures>All Signatures" and click on the ‘+’ sign at the bottom to create a temporary signature. Give your signature a relevant name then click the close button and Quit Mail. This is just a temporary signature and the hidden file this creates on your hard-drive  will be the file we replace with your new signature.

2. Open the folder where your temporary signature is stored by clicking the "Finder>Go" dropdown menu, at the same time hold down the "option" key and it will show your system's hidden files; go to: User[usually your name]>Library>Mail>V2>MailData>Signatures

The window you are now viewing shows all your email signatures. Sort the window into date order, with the most recent file at the top ie. the temporary signature file that you created earlier. You will see the signature you created at step 1 named something obscure like "3FEC3C02-CA26-4929-A911-4412CC6562FF.mailsignature" (Tip: The time the file was created will give you an indication as to whether you are looking at the correct file - don't accidentally replace another signature).

Now click on the name of that signature and copy the entire name including the .mailsignature at the end. Keep this window open.

3. Go back to your desktop and locate the file supplied by McCoyDesign. You need to change the name of that file to be exactly the same name as the one you just copied. Click on the name, highlight it all and paste the replacement name. It must be an exact match.

4. Now drag the file on the desktop onto the window with the temporary signature. If you have renamed this file correctly, it will ask you if you want to replace the temporary signature file? Click "Yes".

5. IMPORTANT: Your email signature will not work yet, you must complete this step:
 Now click once on that renamed file, then click "Command" and "I" (as in "i" for info) to "Get Info". This launches another small window and in the "General" section at the top, you will see a box labelled "Locked". Tick this box to lock this file (otherwise Mail will over-ride it with your original temporary file).

6. Restart Mail and go to "Mail>Preferences>Signatures>all signatures" and make sure your new signature is there (linked images will only appear if you are connected to the internet). Drag the signature name (in the column above the + - symbols) onto your relevant email accounts in the left column.
Select each relevant email account in the left column one at a time, and at the bottom of the signature preferences window where it says "choose signature" - select your new email signature to appear as default (if applicable), and tick "place signature above quoted text".

There - clear as bloody mud. If apple had made this any more complicated I would have thought Microsoft had taken over!